I need to cancel my booking. What’s your cancellation policy?

For cancellation, please inform us at least 1 to 2 days in advance of
the moving date. If you already made payment for your booking, we
will refund you within 21 working days (depending on our online payment
merchant process with the bank).

Should you make any last-minute cancellations, especially when the
transport already arrived at the location, a cancellation fee of 50% from
the booking total price or RM200 (whichever is lower) will be applicable.
A cancellation fee may also be applicable but not limited to the
following circumstances:

If the mover already arrives, it discovers, through communication with
the customer, that the customer’s items are not eligible for moving due to,
but not limited to, items under the “TRANSPORT AND
GOODS LIMITATIONS” list on our Terms & Conditions.

Items that exceed the dimension limit and/or incorrect information provided
by the customer which makes the moving process unable to proceed.
Illegal items such as illicit drugs, firearms, and weapons.