I want a price quotation. How do I get it?

Our prices can be checked on our website. Just follow the steps below:

Select the desired type of service under the “Move and Deliver” tab on the front page of our TheLorry website, and click “Make a booking now”
Choose your desired date and time, then click “Next”
Key in both pickup and delivery addresses and choose from the drop-down list. (We use Google Maps address, so make sure to select from the list or we are unable to find the address).
Select the Unit Type and key in the details of your building accordingly, and then proceed to “Next”
Choose the type of your desired vehicle, then click “Next”.
The next page will show you the additional services that we provide.
You may add according to your needs or proceed to “Next” if you do not require any of the services.
If you add the extra services, the price will be shown on each item selected.
Click “Next” and you will see the “Booking Review” page. Your booking will be reflected in detail.