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Disposing Old Furniture and Unwanted Items

Disposing old furniture and unwanted items might be a big headache in the process of house moving. Fret not! Let us handle it for you! Our home movers will make sure all the unwanted items be disposed properly.

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Transport and Goods Limitation

There are a number of prohibitions for the use of TheLorry services. The following cases are specifically prohibited:
Living things

No Carriage of any Living things such as Animal and Human in cargo compartment for any distance or reason ever.

Hazardous Materials

No Hazardous Materials to be carried but are not limited to: explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, poisonous or infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives.

Explosive Materials

No firearms, ammunition or other explosive materials.

Illegal goods.

Goods that are illegal to sell or to buy, and as well as goods purchased or sold in a way that is illegal.

Types of Disposal Service

We offer different types of disposal service ranging from disposing of single item up to renting a full 1-tonne to 3-tonne lorries for disposal. You can choose based on what you need.


Lorry Size S (1 Tonne Lorry - 10 feet) + 2 Manpower

Max weight: 1-Tonne (1,000 kgs)
Max cargo size (ft) : 10’ x 5’ x 5’
Can take up to more than 7 pieces of furniture

Approximate loads:

  • Queen bed + mattress (x1)
  • Washing machine (x1)
  • Fridge 1 door (x1)
  • Dining table 6 seater –dismantled (x1)
  • Wardrobe (x1)
  • Cabinet (x1)
  • Sofa 3 seater (x1)
size lorry 3tonne-3manpower

Lorry Size M (3 Tonne Lorry - 14 feet) + 3 Manpower

Max weight: 3-Tonne (3,000 kgs)
Max cargo size (ft) : 14’ x 7’ x 7.5’
Suitable for more than 8 furniture

Approximate loads:

  • King bed + mattress (x1)
  • Washing machine (x1)
  • Fridge 2 door (x1)
  • Dining table 6 seater (x1)
  • Wardrobe (x1)
  • Cabinet (x1)
  • Sofa 3+2 seater (x1)

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