Dispose old furniture and unwanted items in a few steps

If you need help to dispose old furniture or unwanted items, our home movers will make sure that everything will be disposed properly.

*Disposal service only available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor state.

How it works

This package includes a vehicle of your choice and manpower to help you dispose of your old furniture or unwanted items.


Driver-partner will assist in disposing light to heavy items to the vehicle.​


Choices of small to medium size lorry to be chosen from.

Vehicle available for our Disposal service

We offer a vehicles ranging from  1– tonne lorry to 3-tonne lorry.


Lorry Size S (1 Tonne Lorry - 10 feet) + 2 Manpower

Max weight: 1-Tonne (1,000 kgs)
Max cargo size (ft) : 10’ x 5’ x 5’
Suitable for more than 7 furniture

Approximate loads:

  • Queen bed + mattress (x1)
  • Washing machine (x1)
  • Fridge 1 door (x1)
  • Dining table 6 seater –dismantled (x1)
  • Wardrobe (x1)
  • Cabinet (x1)
  • Sofa 3 seater (x1)

Lorry Size M (3 Tonne Lorry - 14 feet) + 3 Manpower

Max weight: 3-Tonne (3,000 kgs)
Max cargo size (ft) : 14’ x 7’ x 7.5’
Suitable for more than 8 furniture

Approximate loads:

  • King bed + mattress (x1)
  • Washing machine (x1)
  • Fridge 2 door (x1)
  • Dining table 6 seater (x1)
  • Wardrobe (x1)
  • Cabinet (x1)
  • Sofa 3+2 seater (x1)

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