Privilege Rewards

You deserve to be rewarded for every penny spent on our platform and more. To show how much we cherish our loyal customers, you can now gain rewards in more ways than just placing a booking with us. Earn additional points when you sign up, top up your wallet or advance to a new tier.

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The Benefits

With privilege rewards program, you will be able to earn and accrue loyalty points that will be automatically converted into reward credits and can be redeemed during payment.
There is no limit on reward point collection. You can collect as many rewards as you please and redeem them when you see fit. Rewards are an added bonus to your booking experience and just one of the ways we thank you for being our loyal customer.

Earnings Loyalty Points

Points can be earned for the following actions:

Sign Up For Free

Get free and easy points by just signing up.

Make a booking

Every time you place a booking, you will earn Loyalty Points (LP) based on the booking price, and these points are then converted into your Reward Credits (RC) balance.

Top Up

Silver / Gold / Platinum

Reach new tier

Each tier has its own rates. You will save more when you get to the higher tier.

Minimum monthly expenses

Spend at least MYR 1,000 in a month for three(3) consecutive months.

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Loyalty points exchange rates

Gain access to more significant benefits and rewards by advancing through the tier.


Spending amount


Loyalty point


Reward credit multiplier

MYR 500

Spending amount


Loyalty points


Reward credit multiplier

MYR 1,500

Spending amount


Loyalty points


Reward credit multiplier

MYR 5,000

Spending amount


Loyalty points


Reward credit multiplier

MYR 15,000

Spending amount


Loyalty points


Reward credit multiplier

MYR 45,000

Spending amount


Loyalty points


Reward credit multiplier