Bulky Parcel Delivery – LTL

TheLorry Wallet


All TheLorry for Business transactions are logged in your wallet, allowing you to monitor your finances and delivery status. Relating to Security Deposit, it shall stay at RM500 for any dispute release payment which could be warranted.

What is TheLorry Wallet?

TheLorry Wallet is the official virtual money currency on our platform. You may top up TheLorry Wallet as it will be the payment gateway for completing the services.

At TheLorry Wallet page, you may view the overall spending (MYR), top ups (MYR) and all transactions history.

How does the Security Deposit work?

TheLorry Wallet can be performed as a transaction to your Security Deposit, or vice versa. For any services that require money, TheLorry Wallet will be the payment gateway for it.

By using TheLorry Wallet, you may transfer or top up your Security Deposit with a total of RM500 to reserve as a refundable Security Deposit. 

Where can I access TheLorry Wallet?

You may access TheLorry Wallet, through dashboard page or account page.

TheLorry Wallet platform will enable you to view your Current Balance and Security Deposit.

Why TheLorry Wallet?

TheLorry Wallet will determine and track the cash flow within the ecosystem, allowing for simple transaction monitoring.