Bulky Parcel Delivery – LTL


1. What is TheLorry delivery procedure?

  • Our professional driver will collect the parcels from merchants and bring them to the Sort Centre for sorting before delivering to customers.

2. What are the volumetric charges of TheLorry?

  • Gross weight: Actual/exact weight of parcel including packaging.
  • Volumetric Weight: Measure dimension according to length, width and height of the parcel.
  • Volumetric weight is calculated by Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000 = Kilograms
  • Gross weight and volumetric weight are considered in the actual shipping/delivery cost, whichever is higher.

3. What is TheLorry?

  • TheLorry is a leading technology-empowered logistics platform in South-East Asia connecting corporates and individuals to professional drivers and home movers.
  • We provide logistics services such as moving service, furniture disposal, lorry rental, lorry transport, office moving, cross-border relocation, trucking, line-haul, distribution and bulky parcel delivery.​
  • TheLorry tagline “We Deliver The Future” serves as the compass that guides our brand story, actions, behaviours, and decision-making process.

4. Does TheLorry deliver on weekends?

  • Yes, TheLorry operates 365 days a year. We also deliver on weekends and public holidays.

5. What is the pick-up process for TheLorry?

  • Drop in order in TheLorry platform to arrange for pick up service and the driver will arrive at the merchant/premise to pick up your parcel. Parcel packaging including Airway Bill (AWB) is made at the sender’s premise.

6. Is there a minimum or maximum weight requirement for pick-up service?

  • Height must not be more than 250cm.
  • Parcel’s actual weight limit is 150kg.
  • Parcel’s volumetric weight limit is 250kg

7. Can I self-collect my parcel from TheLorry?

  • No. Instead, you may contact us at our hotline service at 016-2992189 to arrange for delivery.

8. What is TheLorry’s delivery time frame?

  • TheLorry’s delivery time frame as below
    • Intra-state deliveries are within 3 business days
    • b. Inter-state deliveries are within 5 business days.

9. How does TheLorry work?

  • TheLorry will attempt delivery to the delivery address stated in the shipping label. If the buyer is uncontactable, TheLorry will attempt to deliver the parcel to the buyer a few more times. If for whatever reasons, TheLorry has attempted three deliveries and still failed, TheLorry will proceed to return the parcel to the seller.

11. How do I track my parcel from TheLorry?

  • You may trace and track your parcel at (new tracking link).

13. How do I claim for lost & damaged parcels under TheLorry?

  • Email to claim@thelorry.com with referral pictures

14. Where can I find the latest updates of TheLorry?

  • For the latest TheLorry news and promotions, you may visit us at www.thelorry.com or via our social media platform i.e. Facebook and Instagram, @thelorry.my

15. How do I contact TheLorry?

  • You may contact us at our hotline service at +6011 2727 5401 or chat with our Live Chat agent at www.thelorry.com

16. Where can I provide feedback, suggestions or complaints?

  • You may contact our customer service hotline at +6016-2992189 or email to hello@thelorry.com. We welcome any feedback or suggestions, and will take further actions if needed.

17. What should I do if my order from Shopee or Lazada is delayed?

19. My parcel is damaged. How do I log a claim?

  • Email to claim@thelorry.com with referral pictures

20. How do I change address? How do I reschedule for a new delivery date?

  • You may contact our customer service hotline at +6016-2992189

21. Will the driver contact me prior to delivery?

  • Yes, our driver will contact the customer first before arriving at the customer’s house.

22. Why does my status show that my parcel failed to be delivered twice despite the fact no calls were made as I did not receive any call at all?

You may contact our customer service hotline at +6016-2992189 or e-mail to hello@thelorry.com to check on the provided contact number.

23. Why does the status show that my parcel has been delivered but I have yet to receive it?

You may contact our customer service hotline at +6016-2992189 or email to hello@thelorry.com for further checking.

24. How do I log a complaint about driver-partner etiquette?

  • You may contact our customer service hotline at +6016-2992189 or e-mail to hello@thelorry.com. We will assist you as soon as we can.

26. My parcel is missing in your warehouse, what should I do?

  • You may contact our customer service hotline at +6016-2992189 or email to hello@thelorry.com. We will assist you as soon as we can.

27. Why no one is responding to my email, picking up the call and my chat?

  • At the moment, we are having a high call, chat and email volume. We will assist you as soon as we can.

28. Do you deliver at night?

  • Yes, we do delivery till 10pm and based on on-demand requests.

29. Why does the delivery take so long?

  • Due to high volume of parcels, and due to our compliance to the First-In, First Out method

30. Why is my parcel delivered out of Klang Valley when I’m in Klang Valley?

  • During the sorting process, it might accidentally be placed in the Non-Klang Valley route. We will ensure to retrieve the parcel back soon and arrange it for delivery.

31. How do I go about a refund?

  • Please refer to the seller directly, either through Lazada or Shopee.

34. Why have you not picked up the items from the seller?

  • We only perform the collection once the seller has notified us that the parcel is ready for pickup.

36. Why does your driver not deliver up to my unit?

  • It is because the management of residence has certain restrictions that do not allow drivers to deliver goods right to your doorstep.