What Is “Consol” And How You Can Save Money Transporting Goods

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“Hello, I would like to send one sofa to my grandmother in Taiping. What’s the charges ya?”


“Wah, so expensive. My budget only RM200.”

“Yes sir, because we dedicate the whole lorry to you.”

“I want to send one sofa only. Not whole lorry.”

“Sorry sir, unfortunately we don’t have consol.”

The above would be a typical scenario if you enquire to transport goods in small quantities to any transporter out there.

Since the costs to run a lorry to Taiping are fixed (i.e. diesel, manpower, toll and parking) it does not make sense for them to accept the job at RM200.

They would have to find 5 people delivering 5 sofas to Taiping to earn RM1,000, the same amount of money they would earn if they rented the whole lorry.


A consolidated shipment or “consol” is when a transporter combines several individual goods into one vehicle.

Instead of selling the whole space, the transporter divides and sells the space in parts. The charges are usually based on weight or dimension (cubic metres).

Why consol? It is more economical if you’d like to send a few large items. The trade off – you’d have to follow the transporter’s schedule and timing.’s Consol Service

Recently, launched our own consol service where we are offering RM100 per unit from Kuala Lumpur to cities such as Taiping, Ipoh, Seremban, Melaka, Kuantan and Kota Bharu and vice versa.

The complete schedule is as follows:

MondayKuala Lumpur -> Ipoh -> Taiping -> Kuala Lumpur
WednesdayKuala Lumpur -> Kuantan -> Kota Bharu -> Kuala Lumpur
FridayKuala Lumpur -> Seremban -> Melaka -> Kuala Lumpur

Terms & Conditions

– One unit is any items within the dimensions of 80(L) x 80(w) x 160 (H)cm, or equivalent to 1 cubic metre

– Price does not include manpower

– Pickup will be done one day before scheduled date

– Promotion starts 3rd April 2015 and ends 30 April 2015


Call +6012 679 6667 today to place a booking!