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Organizing your home is a task that people tend to put off. A lot of the time, people who procrastinate getting organized just don’t know where to start. The good news is: it doesn’t have to be so complicated. You don’t have to turn your house upside down to get it organized! Just a few simple changes here and there can make all the difference. Whether you’re into the Marie Kondo craze or just need some easy mess-clearing solutions for your home, here are 30 of our best home organization tips:

  1. Organize your drawers with old dishes, jars, or glasses
    Tame all the junk in your various home drawers by organizing items with old dishes or glasses. No need to buy expensive drawer organizers when you can make use of what’s at home! Make sure to place a non-slip mat at the bottom to keep items from shifting when you open and close the drawer.
  2. Learn how to “file fold”
    “File folding” is folding your items upright so that it allows you to see everything in the drawer from a single glance, rather than taking items in and out to see what’s there. You can do this with practically anything: socks, underwear, clothes, towels, and more! The best part about file folding is that you can color code your items, creating extra efficiency.
  3. Color code your file folders
    If you have a bunch of Manila file folders lying around stuffed with various documents, replace them with a color-coded set of folders! Arranging your papers via color category won’t require you to take out each individual folder to read the label. Just glance towards the right color and find exactly what you need.
  4. Hang pots and pans
    Instead of letting pots and pans take up valuable cabinet space in your kitchen, use hooks to hang them on the kitchen wall. For easy access, you can try hanging them above the stove. This tip doubles as an easy kitchen decor tip, especially if you have colorful pots and pans!
  5. Use clear jars for your pantry
    Do you have a crowded kitchen counter? If your food jars and pantry items are visible, consider investing in clear jars to hold pantry items like rice, pasta, grains, and others. Choose containers that are visually pleasing and easy open to maximize the visual aesthetic without sacrificing efficiency.
  6. Store shoes heel to toe
    Need help speeding up your morning dressing routine? Store your shoes heel to toe. Storing shoes in this manner not only maximizes the space in your closet but it also makes room for more shoes! With this setup, while getting dressed, you can glance at your shoe closet and immediately see your shoes’ color, toe style, and heel height.
  7. Store pet food in a giant canister
    If you’re a pet owner, then you’ll know just how often the giant floppy bag of kibble spills over, especially when you’re groggily scooping kibble out of the bag before work. Minimize spillage by transferring pet food into a sturdy, wide-mouthed canister. Drop in a large scoop spoon and you’re good to go!
  8. Conceal appliance cords with adhesive hooks
    Nothing ruins the look of your room more than a bunch of cords tangled together on the floor. Attach tiny adhesive hooks to the back of your furniture and hang the cords there to help camouflage them and keep everything tidy.
  9. Store food by standing ziplock bags in the freezer rather than flat using containers.
    Freeze food in large, labeled zip-seal bags. Label them by food name and date, and then “file” them by standing them in the freezer side by side. Compared to storing food in flat, square containers, this method maximizes space and allows you to see what leftovers you have with a quick glance.
  10. Organize makeup with a magnet board
    Is your vanity table cluttered with makeup? Glue magnets to the back of your palettes and stick them on a magnetic board instead. This’ll keep your countertop clear and have your makeup within easy reach.
  11. Tidy up your collection of plastic bags
    We’re all trying to save the environment in any way we can, and one of those small ways is by reusing plastic bags. However, plastic bags can easily take over your entire cabinet space if you’re not careful. To ensure tidiness, stuff plastic bags into empty tissue boxes for space-saving easy access.
  12. Store spices in small jars
    Spice jars from the grocery store often collect dirt and grime over time. Transfer your spices to small jars instead to extend their shelf life and give your kitchen a tidier look. Not to mention, you’ll save a significant amount of cash if you stop buying spices in the jar and start buying the cheaper, plastic-packed spices in the grocery. You can use any small jar to store them, from a small mason jar to a tic-tac box if you want!
  13. Utilize the dead space over doorways
    You can have a shelf installed in one of the dead spaces above the doorway. This space is especially useful for storing items you don’t need that often, such as extra towels or toiletries.
  14. Hide shoes under the bed
    If your bedroom is lacking space (or if you have one too many shoes!) you can store your shoes under your bed by putting them on a thin slide drawer and placing it below your bed frame. Just slide the drawer back out when you need to put on a pair of shoes! This is also great for if you need to store out-of-season shoes that you just don’t want to throw or give away yet.
  15. Sort earrings in an ice cube tray
    An age-old trick, this tip is practically a timeless classic. Organize earrings and other small jewelry items in your drawer by placing them in an ice tray! This tip isn’t just for earrings, of course. You can store a variety of small items in ice trays or muffin tins to keep everything in place.
  16. Hang up measuring cups and spoons
    Just like with the pans tip, we want to maximize as much counter and cabinet space in the kitchen as possible. By hanging up measuring cups and spoons, you’ll be making life easier by having these frequently-accessed tools always in reach.
  17. Make your nightstand double as a dresser
    Need a clutter-free bedroom? If your nightstand has a lot of drawers and is particularly spacious, why not allow it to double as a dresser? Think about all the clutter we keep in our nightstands that never really get used: papers we don’t need, books we haven’t read, miscellaneous small items. Clear out the junk and store clothes in your nightstand instead, specifically pajamas and comfy lounge wear. You can leave the top drawer for the essentials, such as a flashlight, tissues, medicine, and other must-haves.
  18. Get rid of the exercise equipment you don’t use
    A lot of people like the false sense of security owning fitness equipment brings. “I’m going to get fit this year because I bought this exercise bike!” But if you have a giant exercise bike in the middle of the room that you don’t really use, then what’s the point? If you don’t use it almost every day, then sell or donate it. You can get a gym membership instead and save yourself the house space!
  19. Keep the clothes you wear the most near the front of your closet
    Store what you wear the most often up front. This is usually a favorite pair of jeans, your comfiest shirts, and easy-to-wear items like dresses. By utilizing the “prime real estate” of your closet, you’ll make sure that the things you use most frequently are the easiest to reach.
  20. Use matching hangers
    If you’ve just been collecting hangers from the dry cleaners over the years, then chances are your closet looks like a mess from all the mismatched hangers. Even if your closet is tidy and well-organized, mismatched hangers can be an eyesore. Invest in a quality set of matching hangers and see the impact it has on the visual aesthetic of your closet!
  21. Store a donation box or basket inside your closet
    Put a donation box or basket in the corner of your closet. Clothes that go into it should be clothes that you no longer enjoy or no longer fit you. Once a month—or every quarter, even—take the contents down to a local donation center. While some people find it difficult to part with old clothing, this tip helps with slowly editing your closet until the only pieces left are the ones you truly, truly enjoy.
  22. Use your bedroom closet door to hang your OOTD
    Choosing your outfit the night before is one of the best ways to help you save time in the morning. This keeps you from rushing, and saves you a considerable amount of stress. However, laying out your clothes over a chair or a table isn’t exactly the nicest look, and can eventually lead to clutter in your bedroom if you realize the clothes don’t match and you pick another outfit anyway. Instead, install hooks on the inside of your closet door for hanging your clothes, accessories, and shoes for the next day. This’ll help save space and keep everything in one area for a quick grab-and-go.
  23. Color-code your closet
    Storing your clothing by color will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for while getting dressed. Whether you’re hanging your clothes or stacking them, color-coding should not only make dressing in the mornings easier, but should make your closet look much, much tidier too.
  24. Use a leaning ladder to store throw blankets or magazines
    A sleek, sturdy ladder is the perfect way to store throw blankets and keep your living room from looking like a mess. You can also store magazines on the ladder—a stylish way to display them for guests without sacrificing floor space.
  25. Organize a coffee table top with a tray
    Nothing interrupts the serenity of a living room than an unruly coffee table top. An easy solution? Store everything in a tray! You’ll find that books, remotes, vases, and other knick knacks look more like decor and less like clutter once placed neatly on a tray. The other great thing about trays? They double as an organizing tool and as home decor. Make sure to choose a tray that complements your furniture to maximize the visual effects.
  26. Floating shelf storage
    For any room, bulky dressers and drawers are usually the first storage solution that comes to mind. These are great for hiding items but aren’t necessarily the most pleasing to look at, and can make a space feel cramped and small. Instead, try installing floating shelf storage. It’ll force you to keep the items on the shelf tidy, and will make rooms seem airy and more open.
  27. Use a magnetic strip bar to hold tools
    While most people use a magnetic strip to store knives, they’re actually multipurpose and can be used in any room! Use them in the garage to hold your screwdrivers and other tools, or place them in the bathroom to hold tweezers, nail cutters, and the like. They’re also great to put on a vanity table to make sure bobby pins never get lost!
  28. Repurpose old glass jars to store desk and dresser items
    Instead of throwing out glass jars, save them and use them as storage containers! These are especially useful for desks or dressers, as they can be used to hold pens, make-up brushes, and a multitude of other accessories. Before repurposing them, make sure to clean the jars out thoroughly and remove any labels. You can customize the jars by adding your own labels or spray-painting them in a color of your choice, but leaving them clear works well too!
  29. Buy matching storage containers
    Do you want your home to scream, “I’m organized!!!!”? Whether it’s a clear plastic box, a basket, metal canisters, or cloth cubbies, matching storage containers are much more visually appealing than mismatched ones. While this isn’t the best solution for storing items of different sizes, it’s still a great tip to employ for home organization, and can be used at least in some areas of the household, like in a laundry room or guest bathroom.
  30. Place a key catch-all in the entryway of your home
    Are you the type to always forget your keys? Or your wallet? Or other small, but incredibly necessary daily items? Try putting a catchall basket on a table near your entryway. That way, everything is in one place, and you’re less likely to forget to bring them with you on your way out.

Keeping a Tidy Home

Focusing on home organization has a ton of benefits for both you, your home’s occupants, and any potential guests you might have. A tidy home should help you focus more, lower your stress levels, and bring up your energy and enthusiasm for the day. For guests, a tidy home makes them feel more comfortable and at ease. Not to mention, you won’t need to scramble around the house to tidy up every time someone comes over for a visit! Through home organization, you can save yourself a ton of time, money, and effort, leaving your day-to-day life stress and hassle free.

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