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TheLorry and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has been working strategically since 2020 on developing an effective interface with real-time feedback from our driver-partners. The exchange has brought us positive shifts in the working experience of our drivers and interaction with our customers online. ​We would like to take this opportunity to thank MDEC for their endless support to TheLorry in developing this application

As we have talked about our Smarting Routing which helps users to find the best route (in terms of time and distance traveled) to deliver their parcels. Our Smar Routing System also offered users to optimize their parcel delivery based on priority or parcel price.

For example, maybe the user needs to send high valuable parcels first compare to others, or a certain location has to be delivered first which the user can set the priority for these particular parcels.

Here is the step to navigate to our Load Optimization System

  1. Click the Navbar, clik the Optimization Request. Choose Load Optimization
  1. You will land into Load Optimization Page
  1. But first, you have to make sure the dataset you provided conforms to the format of the Load Optimization System. So click ‘Template Load Performance – Template Load Performance.csv’ file to see the format.
  1. Basically here is the format of the dataset that you have to follow. (And make sure the header of the columns name are the same as the format) 
  1. Tracking id – unique tracking id for each parcel
  2. Weight – Weight of the parcel (optional)
  3. Value – Priority of your parcel. The higher the value item will be chosen to be deliver over low value item.

6. Click upload ‘choose csv’ button and then click the upload button

7. Now enter the number of your preferred vehicle. (Tip:The choice of your vehicle can be made based on your budget). And then click submit request

Based on the weight of your item, priority value, vehicle type, and the number of vehicles. Our load optimization system will produce the parcel loading arrangement based on each vehicle selected. Any item’s weight that is beyond the selected vehicle capacity will be discarded.

8. You will first see the summary of the Load Optimization Result

9. Click the vehicle tab to see the breakdown of each parcel for each vehicle

so we have reached the end of our guide. If you have any inquiry regarding our product, please reach our customer service for assistance.

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