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Why Renting a Lorry Beats a Car Anytime

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Moving to a new place can be a daunting, though exciting, affair. It’s tempting to try and save on costs by just piling your stuff into your car but unless all your worldly goods can fit in one suitcase, here’s why renting a lorry just makes more sense.

1. A lorry will require fewer trips

If you happen to own quite a few things, especially if you have a family, it’s pretty much impossible to load all your belongings in one vehicle. Unless, perhaps, you just happen to own a huge mover-grade lorry.

The reality is that the average family or single, mobile individual will have, at most, a sedan that will fit a suitcase or two and maybe a family pet. Using your own vehicle to move things will mean going back-and-forth a lot, stretching your move to perhaps days instead of just one.

2. Moving is a one-time cost

Paying for a moving truck means that you pay a flat fee to move your belongings to their intended destination. Using your own vehicle means factoring in petrol, toll and, depending on where you’re going to/from, parking fees. You don’t need to have to think much further ahead as the costs are all agreed upon upfront and all you need to do is wait for your stuff to arrive at your new house.

3. Contingencies can be taken care of

Let’s say you’re on your way to your new place and you get a flat tire. Maybe you get into an accident. Or there’s major traffic, flash floods or there’s a family or work emergency that comes up. There go your moving plans!

Hiring professionals means you have booked the vehicle for your moving assignment, and any hassles or unexpected situations are things the lorry company will handle. Moving is stressful enough without you having to deal with the unexpected; why should you, when you can hire people who have experience and expertise?

4. You’re freed up to attend to other things

Think of all the hours you’ll save going to and fro between your old and new house. If, say, you move from one end of the state to the other, instead of having to drive all the way, over and over, you can just stay on the side where your house is.

While waiting for your stuff, you can check out the neighbourhood. Catch a movie. Get to know the new neighbours. Prepare the house and decide just where you will put everything before it gets there.

Time, as the old saying goes, is money. Why not spend your time doing anything but stress about your car transporting all your belongings?

5. Your belongings are more likely to arrive in one piece

With furniture involved, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to fit the pieces of your dismantled bed into your boot. If you’re lucky, some furniture won’t even need to be taken apart, instead being transported in one piece.

Instead of trying to remember just how to put the bed back together, you can just have it moved from the truck to the living room and spend the time you’d have wasted assembling it, lounging on it instead.

To sum up, no matter how you look at it, renting a lorry is just the better option for big moves. It’s better on your wallet, once you consider all the costs involved and the most important thing of course is that thing that’s hard to put a value on: peace of mind.

However, do take note of moving costs which can sneak up on you.

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