Load & Route Optimisation: Our 5th Milestone!

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It’s been few months since the last update on our Load & Route Optimization project supported by MDEC. Ever since the pandemic, the e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly. This surge has created more needs for the industry to be efficient and effective.

We have been working on improving and developing a better interface with real-time feedback from driver-partners. And, we are excited to know that the beta result showing driver-partners route efficiency has increased by 30% with the reduction of the distance traveled using our optimized route.

Here, we are happy to share that we have made incredible progress!    

  •  Successfully deployed optimization system in Driver App  
  • Educating our driver-partner on the utilization of the system   
  • Analysing the performance of manual planning in comparison to our optimization system  
  • Collecting user experience feedback    
  • Beta test the system to closed clients and successfully delivered up to 2K addresses   

 While we are on track to complete the project, we will continue to listen to our fleet of driver-partners, improving our product, and working to streamline the logistics experience. Thank you to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for the support in the journey! 

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