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Moving Tips

These Moving Hacks are All About Making Things Easier on Yourself

Moving is a part of life. And it can be a notoriously stressful process that can take its toll on. Fortunately, making a move isn’t…
Moving Tips

Do not be Afraid of Tossing, Recycling, and Donating Unwanted Items and Start FRESH at your New Home

House moving is one of those events almost everyone must face. When it's your turn to move house, trust us, moving light will be one…
Moving Tips

Happy with the Flexible Vehicle Options You See

Happy with the flexible vehicle options you see from TheLorry but have no idea which to choose for your move? Worry not; we have done the estimation for…
Get Your Dream Home Furnishings Delivered Same Day with TheLorry
Moving Tips
What Not to Pack during International Moving?
Moving Tips
Celebrate Raya with TheLorry Hari Raya Deal!
Enjoy 10% off when you move from Malaysia to Singapore
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