#MeetHafiz sharing his journey from driving a 4×4 to owning a fleet of lorries during MCO.

When one door of happiness closes, another one opens.

The pandemic has reached almost every corner of the globe in less than a month and it has caused disruptions to many industries. The event industry is one of the most strongly affected by the disruptive effects. Since the onset of the epidemic, hundreds ofevents have been cancelled all over the world and waking up to the news of cancellations or postponements has become the new normal.

Meet Hafiz’s one of TheLorry driver-partner and a former CEO of an event company. For him, it meant a temporary pause of services and inaction isn’t going to help though. What he needed was to pivot his business to where the opportunity arises and a business relatable based on his available resources.

With that Hafiz decided to join TheLorry delivering groceries using a4x4 vehicle. What’s more in the last 6 months, he has successfully grown from a 4×4 to owning a fleet of lorries, where he delivered groceries and e-commerce parcels to customers.

In his view ‘Logistics is a beautiful service where I can bring happiness by delivering what customers want.”

Being part of TheLorry driver-partner community, have thought him to be grateful for the beauty and surrounding of Malaysians’ culture. He believes is a momentous experience that has helped him build strong communication skills which come in handy to his business and personal life.

The simple pleasure of being able to deliver happiness into our’ life, taking care of each other has brought many surprises for all things.

Thank you, Hafiz for delivering happiness into our lives!

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