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Move to or from Singapore,
The Easy Way


Move to or from Singapore,
The Easy Way

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Cross Border Moving Made Easy

TheLorry’s vast network of lorry operators have made it possible to provide you with efficient cross border moving for your house moving or corporate goods transportations.

Our professional movers are equipped to ensure safe, hassle-free, and timely transportation services.

So if you are planning to move from Malaysia to Singapore and vice versa, TheLorry cross-border is the right choice for you.


Why Use TheLorry Cross Border?


We provide the lorries, so you can choose from a selection of 1 tonne all the way to 40 foot cargo.


Our professional movers are eligible to help you load, unload, and even pack your things for the move.


*All documentations regarding cross border clearance will be done by us, given that you provide accurate list of items to be declared.

Special Handling

Our movers are equipped to transport any goods which require any special handling i.e extra manpower, boxes, packing tools and assemble and dissemble services.

Moving For All

We provide our cross border services for house moving as well as for corporate goods transportation

*Issues with customs may arise if you fail to declare any item, or items are prohibited as per country’s legislation