Posted Date: 12, Jul 19

3 Steps to a DIY House Makeover


It’s home sweet home. It’s where your heart is they say. It’s the place where we eat and sleep, the place with friends and family, home decorations that help remind us of special memories and it’s the place we make our own.

Whether you just moved into your new home or just want that new home ‘feel’, we have outlined 3 major DIY steps to inspire your makeover project. Enjoy our list of ideas and reignite that exciting feeling when you walk through your doors and wake up in the morning!


Step 1: Remix & Reorganise

Never underestimate the power of rearrangement. The best part? It is completely free! Done right, it will truly change the feel and dynamics of any room. All it really takes is a fresh perspective and some creativity.

Reconsider the functionality & placement of the furniture. Explore angles and rotation of your shelves, tables and chairs - you will be surprised at how different it can look and feel.

Group Collectibles and reorganize your accessories into themes. Multiples make a better statement than lone objects. Cluster them on a tray on a side table.

Create Countertop Storage by finding attractive containers for all those items on your kitchen counter. Invest in matching containers or canisters for salt, sugar, and grouping them on a tray to declutter your countertops. You can also adopt a Divide & Conquer approach with very cheap and effective drawer or compartment dividers too.

If you find that you have minimal options to re-shuffle everything, create space by disposing of old furniture. Reducing the total amount of items in the house is another way to restore space and allow new ideas (and items) into your home. Need help disposing your furniture? TheLorry provides disposal services to handle any amount of bulk waste to fit your needs.


Step 2: Reinvent & Remodel

Now that you’ve fully optimised your existing layout and space, it is time to reinvent specific items or sections in your home.

You change the wallpaper on your phones and laptops, you should change it on your actual walls too. Recreate the whole feel of your home by utilising these easy to apply and very affordable hack. Upgrade your home with a set of new wallpapers now.

Transform with textiles and you can make a fast, easy change with bedding, towels, and table linens to create a different mood. Many event organisers use this tactic to decorate according to certain themes - you should too. A couple of bright pillow cases could transform a living room. The same goes for your bed. A change of colour schemes can do wonders for your room.

Fill up that empty wall by creating a feature wall of your own. You have the option of purchasing decorative artwork or digging out old nostalgic photographs and framing them. Don’t own any hardcopy pictures? You can supersize-print-out any HD pictures you own and frame those instead.

Copy, paste, & repeat. Here’s another simple yet amazing hack for you. Buy 20 cheap picture frames and find 20 pictures or quotes from a favourite book. Organise them in your desired matrix and watch the magic unfold.


Step 3: Rewire & Let there be light!

Last but not least, try a new style of lighting by experimenting with different light bulbs. White lights are good for visual clarity, but never underestimate the power of ambience lighting with yellow lights.

Embed hidden LED lights in your home by lining them under a console table, on top of a bookcase, or to backlight some interesting objects on a display shelf. You can buy a bunch of those battery-operated LED everywhere lights with a small budget and make a big difference.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. We had to include this age old tried and tested hack. Add large, oversized mirrors to your space and enhance the room’s natural lighting. Add one mirror, add several. You can’t go wrong here!

Have some heavy lifting that you need to do when you’re having your house makeover? Get on to TheLorry’s platform and we’ll ease your moving troubles.

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