Posted Date: 03, Nov 14

11 Types of Lorries You See in Malaysia

A lorry (or ‘truck’ as in some parts of the world) is a motor vehicle designed for transporting goods from one point to another. You’ve seen them on the roads, but do you know what are they called and its usage?

Types of lorries that you might see on Malaysian roads during your daily commute:

1. Cargo

White Box Lorry

The most common of them all. Cargo lorries are used to transport personal and commercial cargo from point A to point B. They are usually identified in tonnes – 1 tonne, 3 tonne, 5 tonne and 10 tonne and range from 9 feet all the way to 26 feet in length. Learn more on how to find a cargo lorry transport.

2. “Lori Tilam”

A Malaysian classic. I don’t think you can find this anywhere else in the world

“Tilam! Tilam!"

3. Container

Maersk Container Lorry

Used to transport 20’ or 40’ containers of cargo. Can be found near ports such as Port Klang.

4. Flatbed

Flatbed Lorry

You’ve probably have seen this around town! Used to transport construction materials such as the concrete segments for the MRT project.

5. Dump/Tipper

Tipper Lorry

Used to transport materials such as sand, gravel or iron ore. Lorry can be ‘tipped’ over for unloading.

6. Refrigerated

Refrigerated Lorry

Used to transport perishable goods such as vegetable, cakes and meat.

7. Trailers


Mostly used for oversized cargo. Range from 35-40 feet.

8. Cement

Cement Lorry

Used to transport concrete mix to construction sites.

9. Tow Truck

Tow Truck

Usually utilised when your car breaks down on the road.

10. “Lori Surat Khabar Lama”

Another Malaysian classic. Want to make some extra cash? Sell it to these guys! Rate is charged based on the height of your newspaper stack, measured using “jengkal” or “span

11. Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck

An absolute crucial vehicle in our daily lives. Can you imagine if they don’t exist?

On another note, here are some tips when you encounter lorries on the road.

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