Completing your move without the help of a professional moving company may be a frugal option are you really capable of handling the entire process? Certain items might require specialized packing and moving skills to be successfully relocated to your new address. Here are several of the things you should pay special attention to:

Domestic appliances – Packing your toaster or electric kettle in a box is not at all hard, but can you say this for your washer or refrigerator? Bigger household appliances have to be handled with great care because of the plenty of electronic parts. Yes, right, but they also weigh a lot, which makes it much harder! If you are still determined to pack yourself, at least make sure you have all the equipment required for the larger household appliances. Be careful with the endless number of wires and leave no free space in the boxes to avoid transportation damage.

Grand piano – Your household move will be a true ordeal if you happen to possess a grand piano. Few items can be more difficult to relocate than pianos. The odd shape and the extreme weight of the piano are the reasons why almost all piano owners prefer to hire professional moving services when they have to take their piano somewhere else. Piano removals are dirty work – the instrument often has to be elevated through a window or a piano dolly is necessary. We strongly recommend that you invest in expert service to protect your item, after all the repair work (if possible) will be way more expensive than the movers’ fee.

Aquarium – Another of the top moving challenges is an aquarium. Fish rarely survive relocation so if you do not want to risk their lives, you can sell or give away your aquarium along with the fish and all the accessories in it. If you want to give it a try, first move the fish into a holding container. Keep some of the water to preserve the bacteria colony and the aquarium plants and use a chemical-free container for the filter. If possible, move your aquarium in your car, instead of loading it into a van.

Art – Moving art is quite an overwhelming task, too. Nobody wants to ruin their beloved and valuable pieces of art which often have a great sentimental value. You can protect the glass and frames of your paintings by wrapping them in bubble wrap and sealing all the edges with tape. For sculptures use boxes that are a bit larger than the pieces of art to provide enough room to protect the sculpture with bubble wrap/newspaper.

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