The Cross-Border Lifestyle: Why Singaporeans are Choosing to Call Johor Bahru Home

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Are you looking to embrace the cross-border lifestyle?

More and more people from Singapore are moving to Johor Bahru. They like it because it’s cheaper to live there and the houses are bigger. Even though they work or study in Singapore, they prefer to live in Johor Bahru. You can live in a big, affordable house surrounded by nature and still be close to all the shops and other places you need.

Also, because the Singapore dollar is strong, you can buy more things in Johor Bahru. Whether you want a quiet life or a busy city one, Johor Bahru has everything.

Many Singaporeans have already moved there and you can too. It’s close to Singapore, so you won’t miss out on anything. If you want to try living in another country, come to Johor Bahru!

Reasons why Singaporeans are choosing to live in Johor Bahru

Living in Johor Bahru has lots of benefits that make many Singaporeans want to live there. Firstly, it’s cheaper than living in Singapore. You can get big homes for much less money than in Singapore. Also, things like groceries, eating out, and fun activities cost less in Johor Bahru. And because the Singapore dollar is strong, you can buy more with your money there.

Another reason why Singaporeans like living in Johor Bahru is because there are lots of job opportunities. Many Singaporeans work in Singapore but live in Johor Bahru because it’s closer and the houses are cheaper. There are many types of jobs in Johor Bahru, like making things, moving goods around, and tourism. Also, there are big areas like Iskandar Malaysia where lots of big companies are, so there are even more jobs there.

Cost of living in Johor Bahru compared to Singapore

Living in Johor Bahru costs much less than living in Singapore. Housing is a big part of this. In Johor Bahru, you can get big houses for a lot less money than in Singapore. Whether you like a house with a garden or an apartment in a tall building, there are many choices to fit different budgets and tastes.

Daily expenses like food and fun stuff are also cheaper in Johor Bahru. You can eat at local food stalls or cool cafes without spending too much. Groceries are cheaper too, so you can save money on your shopping. And there are lots of affordable things to do, like watching movies or going to events, so you can have fun without worrying about spending too much.

Education and healthcare options in Johor Bahru

In Johor Bahru, there are good options for education and healthcare that are popular among Singaporeans living there. For families with kids, there are international schools that provide excellent education following international standards. These schools give students a diverse learning experience and help them prepare for further education, whether it’s in Malaysia or abroad.

When it comes to healthcare, Johor Bahru has several private hospitals and medical centers that offer high-quality services. Many Singaporeans prefer getting medical help in Johor Bahru because it’s cheaper than in Singapore. The healthcare facilities there have modern technology and skilled staff, making sure residents get reliable and comprehensive healthcare.

Transportation and commuting between Singapore and Johor Bahru

Traveling between Singapore and Johor Bahru is easy, which makes it simple for Singaporeans to live in Johor Bahru and work or study in Singapore. There are two main ways to cross between the two cities: the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link. These crossings are open all day and night, so you can travel whenever you need to.

If you want to avoid traffic, there are also buses and shuttles that run regularly. Plus, there’s a new train system called the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) being built, which will make travel even faster and more convenient when it’s finished. It will cut down travel time and make it easier for people who commute between the two cities.

Tips for Singaporeans considering the cross-border lifestyle

1. Understand the cost of living difference

One of the main reasons why living in Johor Bahru is appealing to Singaporeans is because it’s much cheaper. Everything from housing to everyday costs is more affordable there compared to Singapore. This means you can live better without spending as much money. However, it’s worth mentioning that even though expenses are lower, salaries in Johor Bahru are usually also lower than in Singapore. So, before you decide to move, it’s important to think about your finances and how much you can earn there.

2. Explore housing options

One of the top reasons why Singaporeans are moving to Johor Bahru is because they can find homes that are both spacious and affordable. In Johor Bahru, there’s a wide range of housing options to choose from, no matter your preferences or budget. Whether you prefer houses with land or apartments in tall buildings, there’s something for everyone. Many Singaporeans like living in gated communities or neighborhoods that are safe for families. Also, with new neighborhoods and residential areas being built, you can have access to modern facilities and amenities close to your home. It’s a good idea to work with a trusted real estate agent who knows the local market well to help you find the right home in Johor Bahru.

3. Consider the commute

Living in Johor Bahru while working or studying in Singapore means you have to think about your daily travel. Even though the two cities are close, traffic at the Causeway and the Second Link can cause delays. How long it takes to get to Singapore depends on the time of day and how you choose to travel. Many people who live this lifestyle drive or take buses or trains across the border. It’s important to plan your journey ahead of time and know all the travel options. Also, it’s smart to have a backup plan in case there are unexpected delays or changes in border rules.

Living in Johor Bahru while still having connections to Singapore offers Singaporeans a special chance to enjoy the benefits of both places. With its cheaper cost of living, bigger homes, and closeness to Singapore, it’s no surprise that more Singaporeans are choosing to live there. But before deciding to move, it’s important to think about your own situation, money, and what matters most to you. Consider things like your job or school, family, and the way you like to live. It’s also a good idea to visit Johor Bahru and spend time getting to know the city before deciding to move there. Moving to Johor Bahru should be based on knowing both the good parts and the challenges of living in two places. So, are you ready to start a new chapter and make Johor Bahru your home?

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