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Moving Service
Moving Service

Extra Services to Match Your Move

Additional services make your move safer, easier, and smoother.

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Driver-partner will assist to load and unload your items safely. Assist you in the lifting of heavy furniture and household items to your new place.

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Assemble & Disassemble

Furniture is easier to transport when it’s dismantled with the correct tools and experienced manpower.​


Make sure your fragile or loose items are packed safely in the boxes.​

Wrapping Service

Shrink or bubble wrap your furniture or items to protect them from any damage or scratches during the moving transit.​

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Long Push

Driver-partner will assist to push your items 50 meters to 100 meters from the loading/unloading area.

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Stair Carry

Driver-partner will carefully move small to bulky items using stairs when an elevator is not accessible.



Need to move but booking but unsure which vehicle? Simplify your booking by choosing our moving packages! 

Suitable for moving needs of all sizes from single room moves to large family homes!

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A Guide to Finding the Right Vehicle

We offer a variety of vehicles ranging from 14ft lorry, 10ft lorry and van.

van rental


Max weight: 500kgs
Max cargo size (ft) : 8’ x 4’ x 3.5’
Suitable for moving light furniture or boxes

Approximate loads:

  • Washing machine (x1)
  • Fridge 1 door (x1)
  • Small Cabinet (x1)
  • Dining table 4 seater –dismantled (x1)
Lorry rental

Lorry 10ft

Max weight: 1-Tonne (1,000 kgs)
Max cargo size (ft) : 10’ x 5’ x 5’
Suitable for room / apartment moving

Approximate loads:

  • Queen bed + mattress -dismantled (x1)
  • Washing machine (x1)
  • Fridge 1 door (x1)
  • Dining table 4 seater -dismantled (x1)
  • Wardrobe (x1)
  • Cabinet (x1)

Lorry 14ft

Max weight: 3-Tonne (3,000 kgs)
Max cargo size (ft) : 14’ x 7.2’ x 7’
Suitable for medium load house or office moves

Approximate loads:

  • Queen bed + mattress -dismantled (x2)
  • Washing machine (x1)
  • Fridge 1 door (x1)
  • Dining table 6 seater -dismantled (x1)
  • Wardrobe (x1)
  • Cabinet (x1)
  • Sofa 3 seater (x1)