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Move from Singapore to Malaysia or Vice versa

Having problems moving to or from Malaysia? Let TheLorry Cross Border handle it for you. We will handle everything from transportation, manpower, and document clearance for you. 

Need to move abroad but have no idea where to start?

Fill in your details and we will guide you through the cross-border relocation journey.

    If you have any enquiries about TheLorry Cross Border, please contact us via WhatsApp.

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    Make Moving Abroad Easier for You

    We understand that cross-border relocation might be a big headache for the many. Let TheLorry Cross Border handle it for you. We have a team of professional home movers to handle the relocation to or from Malaysia for you. With TheLorry Cross Border, you no longer have to worry about the complex procedures and paperwork for immigration and customs clearance.


    We offer a wide range of transport from 1-tonne to 20-foot cargo. You can choose the type of transport based on your needs.

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    We have a team of professional home movers lined up to help you throughout the packing, loading and unloading process.

    Cross-Border Relocation Clearance

    All you have to do is provide us all the documents needed for cross-border relocation clearance, and we will handle the rest for you.

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    Special handling

    Having items which require special handling during the relocation process? Leave them to us. Our home movers are highly skilled at dealing with special handling.

    *Issues with customs may arise if you fail to declare any item or prohibited item as per the country’s legislation.

    A Guide to Finding the Right Transport for Cross-Border Relocation

    Lorry rental

    Lorry Size S

    1-Tonne Lorry
    Max size (ft): 10′ x 5′ x 5′ | Max weight (kg): 1,000
    Suitable for room/studio apartment moving

    Lorry rental

    Lorry Size M

    3-Tonne Lorry
    Max size (ft): 14′ x 7′ x 7.5′ | Max weight (kg): 3,000
    Suitable for medium load house or office moving

    Lorry Size XL

    5-Tonne 20ft Lorry
    Max size (ft): 20′ x 7′ x 7.5′ | Max weight (kg): 5,000
    Suitable for heavy load house or office moving

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