The long and exhausting relocation process is finally complete and now is the time to start enjoying your new home. Think twice! Postpone the celebration a bit more and take a look at our list of things to do after the move. You will have much time to unpack that plenty of carefully labelled boxes, so first handle the following essential tasks: Take some pictures of the rooms

Take some pictures of the rooms

Although they are bare and still unadorned. In case you are a tenant, such photos may be of great help when it comes to getting your deposit back. If you bought the property, document any scratches or damages caused after the home inspection by either the previous owner or the moving company. Should you need to indicate any defect, a gallery of pictures is what will guarantee your compensation. Just take your pictures before placing your furniture inside your new home.

Change the locks

One of the most important things that new homeowners should immediately do is change the locks. Regardless of whose property it was, now you live there, so no one else has to have the keys. The sooner you swap out the locks, the less likely you will be to put your home’s safety in question.

Report any issues with the move

In case you have hired the service of professional movers to help you pack or move, you will have to report any missing or damaged items as fast as you can. It is a good idea to check first whether the large domestic appliances (dryer, refrigerator, washer, etc.) function properly. As you will have only a limited amount of time to report for defects, it will be very wise of you to determine liability coverage when you are negotiating with the removal company.

Remove unnecessary clutter

After you unpack all the boxes, you will certainly be having a lot of junk to get rid of. Ask the previous homeowner, your landlord or the neighbours how to do this. They will tell you when pickup day is and where you can find the best junk removal service, provider. This information will be extremely helpful when you end up with piles of cardboard and plastic boxes lying around.

Yes, you can do the unpacking first, there is no need in rushing to update your address, but you definitely should not forget it. You will be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election or choose your local school board only if you are registered at your new polling place. Of course, you will be allowed some grace period, but it is much better for you to handle this task promptly and not leave things for the last moment. Don’t miss out on your chance to exercise your right due to a lack of organization.

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