When the time to move house comes, you are likely to feel nervous and may not know where to start from – and not without reason. Relocation is not only about moving into another house but also packing all your stuff and making sure they arrive safely at the new place. The most difficult room to take care of is the kitchen with all its small and fragile items. You must be very careful with all the pots, pans, dishes, mugs, as well as the big items. Here are some tips to make the moving process easier for you:


Getting your kitchen ready for the move is something worth spending extra time on. Breaking items in a hurry is the last thing you want so try to stay on schedule and prepare in advance. An essential thing to do is to get yourself enough boxes and a lot of bubble wrap to ensure everything will be well packed and safe. House removals that include moving all your kitchen appliances are very difficult to handle on your own so you may consider contacting a removal company that will take care of everything for you.


Essential box

This is the last box you need to pack and the first one you will open in your new house so while you are packing all the other things, it would be wise to make a checklist for what goes into your essentials box. There you can put some sandwiches or any other kind of food you can easily prepare, matches and candles, an emergency kit, a dishtowel, a dishcloth and soap, forks, spoons and glasses for each member of the family, and everything else that you think you will need in your house before you start unpacking.

Large appliances

The most difficult things to move from one place to another are the large items. Contact a removal company to help you with the hard work. Before you give your appliances to the man with a van, make sure you have secured the cords well. Unfreeze the refrigerator in advance and leave its door open to prevent mould and bad odour from settling there.

Small items

There are so many small items in your kitchen that once you realise how many they are, you might want to do a packing checklist that will help you figure out how to combine them into boxes. Make sure you get a lot of bubble wrap – you will need it for most of the items because otherwise, they can easily break. The dishes and the cups must be put at the top in the boxes because they may easily get smashed. Instead of using bubble wrap, you can use packing paper or old newspapers.


All the boxes

Once you’re ready with packing all of your stuff, be careful how they are arranged in the van to prevent falling boxes and being trapped inside. The removal may turn into a risky endeavour so you must be cautious not only with the preparations but also with the moving itself.

Moving house might be a difficult task for you, but once you have your first meal in your new kitchen, you will quickly forget how much of a hard time you had and realise it was worth it.

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