The process of moving house can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. For instance, instead of hiring a van or car and trying to move all your stuff yourself, hiring a lorry is probably a better bet.

Here are some things to consider before hiring a lorry:

  1. Keep a thorough inventory of your stuff. This is when you take out your tape measure and note down the exact dimensions of everything you plan to move. Smaller items packed into a box? Measure the box and write the details down. While it is tedious, don’t be tempted to make assumptions or estimates instead of measuring things yourself. If you do not give accurate measurements to your movers, your stuff might not fit as you thought it would, meaning it might take more trips to transport.
  1. Note the drop-off and pickup point. Transporting stuff to a neighbourhood just a block away is going to be a different affair from moving from the city to, say, the Woodlands. Determine the distance, get a rough estimate of the time needed so you can manage your expectations. Consider traffic, possible routes, and your time constraints while factoring in possible delays – e.g., road accidents, bad weather or vehicle issues. If you are moving to a condo, make sure you obtain a permit for the movers. There is a strict rule that movers are only allowed during weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and up to 1 pm on Saturdays. Sundays and public holidays are strictly no go.
  1. What vehicle do you need? Consider whether you need a huge lorry to pack everything in. Perhaps you’re moving into a new place and you’re having new furniture delivered directly to your apartment. You would then need less space as opposed to needing a vehicle large enough to transport a few beds over. See what options your moving company gives you. TheLorry has options ranging from a van to 10ft and 14ft lorries.
  1. Find out just what you’re paying for. Be very clear with your mover what services you’re getting. Don’t assume, for instance, that your mover will pack or disassemble the furniture for you. Extra manpower will be needed to pack, unpack and assemble furniture. Additional prices will be charged for several trips. Get it all down in writing so as not to get bill shock later.
  1. Take the time to get the best quotes. Don’t just hire the first mover you contact. Get a few names, list out your requirements in detail, then compare quotes. Some companies, for instance, throw in free packing boxes and tape while some might offer certain service gratis. Also, make the effort to research a company’s reputation. You can get an instant quotation with TheLorry. Check out reviews or ask around. It might take a little more time but, in the end, it might just be worth it.
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