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Moving & Delivery Service

TheLorry makes moving and delivery easy. Our platform was created to provide convenience in ordering goods delivery services or moving services in minutes. Go through simple steps and let our Professional Drivers handle your Delivery or Moving process. Big, Heavy and Lots of Items? We are Ready to Transport!

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Be our Partner-Driver

Join TheLorry Driver Partners, We have the Biggest and Best Logistics Platform in Indonesia. We always open opportunities to work with vehicle owners, Register Your Fleet and Get Increased Income with Us. Fill out the form by clicking the button below!

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Shipping to Malaysia

Looking for a reliable delivery service to send packages or shipping to Malaysia?
Beyond by TheLorry program can help send packages to Malaysia for only IDR 40 thousand per kilogram and can delivered in 4-11 days

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What is TheLorry?

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TheLorry is a logistics service platform that uses leading technology in Southeast Asia, connecting vehicle owners and individual or corporate users with professionals.

We have thousands of driver partners throughout Indonesia with a strict recruitment process. Because we want you got the excellent service during transactions with us. Goods Safety, Friendly Drivers and Well-Maintained Vehicles are Our Quality Guarantee.

We provide logistics services in the form of vehicle rental services such as Pick up Rentals, Blind van Rentals and Truck Rentals or Lorry Rental that usually for movers Indonesia and bulky delivery.

Not only renting out, but we also provide goods delivery services, such as sending goods in and out of town. We can even facilitate your business, by helping the distribution of your goods/products. We accept Transport, Delivery and Distribution of goods ranging from small to large sizes and even heavy and in small to large quantities.

Apart from renting vehicles and sending goods, we also provide moving services such as moving houses, offices, apartments and boarding houses. However, it does not include unloading, installing, and packing and arranging goods in the room.

Currently available in big cities such as Jabodetabek, Serang, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali

Come on, try TheLorry for your Transport, Delivery, Distribution of Goods or Moving needs right now!

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A Guide to Finding The Right Vehicle

Ranging from small logistic transportation to big lorries .

sepeda motor the lorry


Max weight: 30 kgs
Max cargo size (cm) : 40 x 40 x 50
Suitable for small item delivery

mpv the lorry


Max weight: 350 kgs
Max cargo size (cm) : 100 x 100 x 80
Suitable for small item delivery

blindvan the lorry


Max weight: 600 kgs
Max cargo size (cm): 150 x 100 x 200
Suitable for moving light furniture or boxes

pickup bak

Pickup Bak

Max weight: 800 kgs
Max cargo size (cm): 220 x 150
Suitable for moving light furniture or boxes

truk cde bak

Engkel Bak (CDE)

Max weight: 2000 kgs
Max cargo size (cm) : 300 X 160
Suitable for room / apartment moving

truk cdd bak

Double Bak (CDD)

Max weight: 4000kg
Max cargo size (cm) : 550 X 200
Suitable for heavy load house or office moving

pickup box

Pickup Box

Max weight: 800 kgs
Max cargo size (cm): 220 x 155 x 130
Suitable for moving light furniture or boxes

truk engkel cde the lorry

Engkel Box (CDE)

Max weight: 2000kgs
Max cargo size (cm) : 310 x 160 x 160
Suitable for room / apartment moving

truk engkel cdd the lorry

Double Box (CDD)

Max weight: 4000kg
Max cargo size (cm) : 420 x 200 x 170
Suitable for heavy load house or office moving

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"Sangat bagus, efisien dan tiba lebih cepat dari yang di harapkan. Kalian luar biasa dan kalian semua bekerja dengan sangat baik."

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"Pengemudi yang sangat membantu dan bertanggung jawab. Selalu menghubungi saya untuk konfirmasi waktu kedatangan. Saya akan mrekomendasikan pada semua orang untuk menggunakan jasa ini! "

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TheLorry currently has several services as a logistics company and moving company.

Services currently available include Moving Services, Freight Forwarding/Delivery Services and Goods Distribution Services.

Moving Services such as House Moving Services, Boarding Moving Services, Apartment Moving Services, Office Moving Services, Warehouse Moving Services, In-City Moving Services, Inter-City Moving Services, Inter-Provincial Moving Services and even Inter-Island Moving Services.

As a Freight Forwarding Service, TheLorry currently accepts small (in-town) to large/heavy/many (in-town and out-of-town) shipments.

Distribution Services that we offer specifically for business or business owners at affordable prices to distribute products to buyers.

Based on these services, you will get services including transporting goods to the vehicle of your choice – Pick Up – Delivery – dropping off goods according to your destination.

Services that you can add include helpers for the transportation of goods, insurance during the process of moving/delivering goods and tarpaulin for “bak” type vehicles.

Prices are listed on the application or in accordance with the agreement with our Customer Service/Sales, including the cost of renting a vehicle (& driver) and vehicle fuel (gasoline/diesel), but does not include the cost of man-power, assistance, toll roads and ships moving islands.

Also, currently TheLorry does not yet provide packing, unloading or arranging goods/packages services. Drivers and help workers will not bring additional storage boxes, packing materials such as tape and protective items such as bubble wrap and other protective item.

Right now, TheLorry operate in Movers Jakarta, BoDeTaBek, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali