Sending Parcels from Indonesia to Malaysia is now easier with TheLorry!

Looking for a reliable delivery service to send parcels and packages from Indonesia to Malaysia?

We have the perfect solution!
Beyond by TheLorry program, we can help send parcels and packages to Malaysia, around IDR 40.000/kg or MYR 12/kg

Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia only takes 4-7 days, while delivery to East Malaysia takes 7-11 days.

Insurance options are also available to provide extra protection to the package during shipping.

So what are you waiting for? Send parcels and packages to Malaysia with TheLorry and experience convenience in every delivery! šŸ˜Š

Confused about how to calculate the weight of a package before sending?

Please Calm…
We can tell you How…

Before starting, make sure the goods are neatly wrapped (packing) and have important information such as the recipient’s name, recipient’s address, recipient’s telephone number, sender’s name, and sender’s telephone number also postal code.

Then, there are 2 ways to measure the weight of goods:

First, measure the weight by weighing it wrapped. You can use weight scale that you have.

Second, measure the volume of the item, using the volumetric method Length x Width x Height (in centimeters) divided by 5,000.

After that, compare the results of the scales and the volumetric measurement results.
The higher value between the two is a reference of the weight for sending goods

What We Offer

Professional Service

Professional Services for Transporting Goods since 2018 in Indonesia

Insurance (Optional)

Parcels and packages are guaranteed safe at their destination

Affordable Price

Affordable prices and not strangling your wallet

Prohibited Items

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Currently TheLorry can help “Send Parcel to Malaysia” the newest service offered as part of TheLorry’s innovative program, Beyond by TheLorry. This service is ready to help cross-border business expansion.

Beyond by TheLorry is an innovative solution for business people who want to expand their business scope in the Malaysian and Indonesian markets. This service helps take care of the complex administration and procedures for brand entry into a country, thus making business expansion easier.

Whether you want to export products to Malaysia or import goods from Indonesia, this service offers unrivaled, cost-effective shipping solutions. Make your market expansion dreams come true with reliable and efficient services from TheLorry.

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