Tips for preparing your move after booking TheLorry service.


Thank you for choosing our moving services to help in your move. Do not worry as we have prepared some tips that you can check it out if you have prepared all these things before transporting your items into your new home.

Tip 1. Keep a checklist of everything you own.


One of the most essential things that you need to have before your move is to keep a checklist of your belongings. This will help you to keep track of every item being packed before moving out. You can indicate the number of things that you are bringing and your item's condition.

For example, suppose you have two big bookshelves and four small bookshelves. In that case, you can indicate the type of bookshelves it was (small or big), condition of the bookshelves and the amount of each.

When you reach your new place, you will know what items are with you when unloading and unpacking. We recommend that you can take pictures of the items being packed to ensure that you know what is packed before moving out. 

Tip 2. Do not overpack your items into one box.


Moving boxes are often designed to hold a specific weight, exceeding that weight can damage the items inside the moving box.


In one of the articles in Mothership, we show you how we pack our things inside our own moving box.


You can check out one of our blog post as we highlight to you for the ideal home moving boxes that you can get in Singapore.

5 Packing Boxes that make packing a breeze.

Tip 3. Check that sharp objects are properly protected.


Sharp objects are dangerous, mostly when they are not handled or appropriately wrapped. If you did not cover the sharp object's blades, it will:

  • cutting the box open when moving,

  • injuring the movers when they are helping you with the moving, or

  • injuring yourself when you are unpacking your items.

    Make sure you protect yourself by wrapping up the sharp edges in bubble wraps or newspapers. That way, the sharp edges will not be exposed and damaged when you are moving.

Tip 4. Obtain approval from your building manager about the move.


Suppose you are moving into a condominium apartment. In that case, there are some issues that you must prepare before moving out of your condominium home. 

Many specific condominium properties have different requirements that need to be met before moving in or out of the premises. Kindly ask your respective manager team about the requirements needed before moving in. If there is a need to have protection cover for the lifts and the floor, notify the movers to prepare the necessities beforehand to meet the requirements, like protections for the lift's interior and the floors.

Tip 5. Check your new place and plan out your floor mapping.


Before the day of your move, it is best to be aware of where the heavy furniture will be placed. Using the floorplan, it will make the planning significantly easier.

Segmenting the furniture by the individual rooms is a great way to organise your furniture. You will get an idea of how you want your rooms to be packed with. You can also help to check where the movers can park so that they can help you move your items closer to your new home.

 If there are some last-minute things were noticed like stairs or long distance moving. In that case, you could inform our movers or our customer services, and they will assist you with the price change, or additional assistance is needed.


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