WHAT IS TheLorry's Home Moving Package?


Looking for an affordable house moving service? Fear not, TheLorry got you! We have prepared house moving packages just for you! Think that your Check out this blog as we share with you 3 types of interesting people and their unique moving needs.


The One who is Protective of their things.

Living in a cozy home with your loved ones, surrounded by many precious furniture and things that you both bought from with your hard earn money. But after all these years of hard work and savings, you can finally buy a new bigger house to expand your family, this calls for a celebration! But wait, how are you going to transport your precious items without getting a single scratch or damage? It is troublesome to drive back and forth to your house.

Do not worry about getting your items damage! TheLorry got your back as we are partner with professional and experienced drivers who will handle your things with the utmost care. In our Home Moving Package, we also provide shrink wrap services to keep your things safe and protected. Under the hands of our professional and experienced drivers, they will wrap up the items that you want it to be protected the most and will move it into our vehicle and transport it safely to your new home. 

If your items are damaged/loss, do not worry as TheLorry also provides insurance to cover the damage. Under rare circumstances, if your items arrive with scratches or cracks, we will provide $500 insurances in coverage for the damage. Just send us the picture of the damage to our chatbot, Daisy, or contact us @+65 31389164 or drop us a message on our website, https://thelorry.com/sg/#contactUs


The One who does not like to do DIY.

Some of us love to do DIY for their loved ones or for themselves, especially when the furniture is from IKEA. However, others do not like doing DIY, and that is cool! You may not want to do any DIY projects is because you hate to make an additional mess in your area and tidy or you have no interest in doing Arts and Craft. Especially when there are children who love to make a mess all around the house, that will be enough mess to clean up afterwards. 

Oh, you finally found a bigger home that allows your children to be creative in a room to reduce less clean-up time? This is awesome! But how are you going to disassemble and assemble your stuff if you do not want to make a huge mess?

Leave it to our professional and experienced drivers as TheLorry's Home Moving Package provide services such as assemble and disassemble for you! 
Our drivers are careful when they are disassembling the items for you. They will help you to pack it up afterwards and transport it into your new home and re-assemble the items again for you. That way, you do not need to worry about going online and learn how to disassemble the items yourself, and it saves a lot of time for you to pack other things before moving into your new home. 



The One who worries about... everything.

Have you ever worried once about everything that is going to happen on any big events before? You must have imagined hundreds of ways that could go wrong and start to have so much backup plans in any event that it might occur. Some find it to be well-thought-out plans as you are prepared to face any trouble that might come to you, while others find them overwhelming that they want you to calm down for a moment.

You might have come across lousy moving service before or heard these kinds of worries from your friends before when they are moving into a new home. For example,
"What if the moving takes too long, do I need to pay for overtime?" or "How would I know if the driver knows what to do?" 

TheLorry hears you, especially when it comes to home moving! Here are some Home Moving Package features that will set your mind at ease.

For home moving service, there is no time limit.
Whenever you are moving into your new home, you do not have to worry about paying for overtime or being behind schedule. TheLorry will follow the timing that you have booked and will do the packing, transporting, and moving your items in for you.

The manpower provided is enough to help you with your needs.
Have you ever worried about how much manpower do you need to move into your new home? Well, do not worry at all. TheLorry helps you in organising the number of manpower needed to help you in your moving. We have a different amount of manpower in various home moving services. So, for the specific home moving services, it is sufficient to help you move your things into your new home.

Our drivers will immediately contact you once the job has been accepted.
At TheLorry, our professional drivers are here to assist you. Once the job is accepted, they will immediately contact you to inform you that the job has been accepted by them and to confirm the information that you have provided in your booking. That way, you will be sure that the drivers know what to do during your move and you can rest easy. 

We deliver your moving items from door-to-door.
Unlike other moving companies, TheLorry wants you to experience a wonderful home moving services as our professional drivers will help you to carry your stuff out from your doorstep and into your new house. So, you do not have to worry about paying the additional cost for drivers to move your items in and out where you can experience the full service of house moving.


Whatever the moving style and personality, TheLorry’s Home Moving Packages have the right features to make your moving easy.

Unlike other moving companies, TheLorry provides unique services that are designed for certain types of housing that you are staying inside the home moving packages that other moving companies does not. So, explore the features that TheLorry’s Home moving Packages has for you and enjoy the full experience of a safe and careful home moving with our professional and experienced drivers right at your doorstep.