Unpacking after moving house: 5 Easy Tips for Organising Your Kitchen


A kitchen is an important place for the family where all your foods are made to share with your family. It is good to take time and effort to clean the kitchen after making a lot of mess. However, we have the tendency to just keep the equipment into random drawers and cupboards only to struggle in finding the same equipment or hurting ourselves while finding it.

It is best to keep our kitchen tidy by using these 5 simple tips to help keep your kitchen safe and make more room so that you will be able to store more kitchen equipment.

Tip 1.  Keep your kitchen utensils and tools in a drawer divider. 🍴


Have you ever seen a messy utensil placement in your kitchen drawers before? We sometimes have the tendency to just place our utensil inside the kitchen drawer without keeping it organized and tidy. It is dangerous as sharp objects are poking out like fork and cutting knife, that would have easily hurt or injured yourself.


To keep the risk of hurting yourself to a minimum, you can get utensil trays/dividers to arrange your utensils in order like:
- Table Spoon
- Teaspoon and dessert spoon
- Forks
- Chopsticks.

Cutting knives are sharp, and its blades are better to be placed away from you and the handle towards you. That way, you will be able to take the knife out with ease. For kitchen knives, you can get a knife holder to keep the knife's sharp blades inside the holder.

This will help to save a lot of space, and you will be able to keep your utensils after cooking or washing with ease.

Tip 2. Keep your kitchen equipment in areas where you can reach. 🥄


Keeping your cooking equipment in areas that you can reach will help you to stay organised too. You can use the wall to your advantage and attaching the rod onto the wall, filled with S-shaped hooks or taped on hooks on the wall where you can hang cooking equipment such as:
- labels
- spatulas
- big wooden spoons.


You can hang other equipment like:
- wet towels
- whisk
- pastry brush
- spider (long-handled spoon with a
fine-mesh basket)
- grater
and many more kitchen equipment that allows you to hang onto the hooks.

Using this method, you can take your cooking utensils with ease while cooking and it will be at the eye-level, which means you will be able to see what cooking equipment you need and no more bending down to find it.

Tip 3. Arrange your tableware. 🍽


Plates and bowls are fragile as most of them are made of glass with beautiful designs. You can arrange your tableware such as:

  • Stacking: Plates and Bowls can be stack on top of one another. You can stack the plates and bowls individually, or you can stack by placing the plates at the bottom while the bowl can be on top of the plates.

  • Positioning: You can place the stacked plates and stacked bowls side by side, or top to bottom. That way, you can take both plates and bowls out with ease.

With this, you will have more space to place your lunch boxes, other containers, cups, or pots together with the tableware section. 

Tip 4. Arrange your cups by types. ☕

Cups are fragile too as most of them are made of glass covered with designs or patterns depending on one's taste and liking. There are others made of plastic for child friendly.


There are many methods to keep our cups, and they are:

  • Arrange in types: We have many kinds of cups and mugs, like wine glasses, drinking glass (tumbler), cups and coffee cups. We can arrange them into types of cups so that it is simpler to know what cups you have and where you kept it.

  • Keeping mugs and cups that are in use: They can be placed at areas at your eye-level because cups and mugs are often used for drinking water, making coffee or use it for other drinks. 

  • Keeping additional mugs and cups that are not in use: you can put it at the cupboard which a rack so that you can place many cups and mugs in one area.

That way, you will know where to find those cups whenever you need them. You can put the extra cups beside the space where you keep your plates and bowls for easier space-saving and remembering where you put your tableware and cups at too.

Tip 5. Arrange your pots and pans in sizes. 🍳

Pots and pans come in different sizes and different types, such as:


There are many ways to keep your pots and pans neatly and tidy in the kitchen.

pots and pans.jpeg

For the pots, you can keep them at the bottom of the kitchen drawer, which is called "Deep Drawers". In every kitchen, there is a Deep Drawer at the bottom of kitchen drawers and it works excellent for storing cookware which gives enough space to set pots and pans in one layer so that it will be easier to pull out and retrieve large pots.

Another way to keep your pots and pans is by stacking them on top from each other. At the bottom of the stack, it will be the big size of pots or pans and stack all the way to the smallest. You can use the pot’s lid to support the base of the pot that is going to be stack on top of the bottom pot.

That way, you can save a lot of space in packing more equipment in the kitchen and creates less mess as you can take out the pots and pans needed for cooking.

Keep your kitchen tidy.✨

Using these 5 easy tips will be rewarding as you will be able to know where you keep your kitchen equipment when cooking or baking. Not only that, but you will also be able to see how much space you have so that you can have much more equipment inside.

It could be challenging to organise your kitchen well after unpacking all your boxes, by following our tips and some effort. These easy organisation tips will last your long time to come.