5 Steps to Organize your Wardrobe


You have probably organized your wardrobe countless of times over the years, and yet every few months it will still end up having a disorganized wardrobe again. Our step-by-step guide will show you how easy it is to organize your wardrobe for good.

Maintaining an Organized Wardrobe

It continues to be an ongoing process of keeping your wardrobe organized as you may have new clothes to keep or old clothes to throw away or donate them to the Salvation Army. Follow these 5 steps to organize your wardrobe and you can spend less time in constantly rearranging your clothes ever again.

STEP 1:  Clear out your wardrobe


First, take out everything from your wardrobe and pack your clothes, pants, bags, and accessories in one large surface area, like your bed or the floor. Take out anything that is still lingering inside the wardrobe like air purifier, any cosmetics, or precious items that you hide inside the wardrobe for safekeeping.

Once you check everything is clear, go and give your wardrobe a proper clean from up to down. Dust out all the dust, vacuum the dust inside the wardrobe and wipe the corners, the walls, and the mirrors too.

STEP 2.  Plan out your new wardrobe


Time to plan out how you want to arrange your stuff in the wardrobe. You can use those vertical storage space, built-in shelves, and multiple hanging rods to your advantage.

For areas that are hard for you to reach, like upper shelves, you can use it to place large bins to store things that you rarely use or your hat accessories like hats or bags. For areas that you can reach, you can place your clothing and accessories so that it is easier for you to reach it whenever you want.

STEP 3.  Organize your clothes


We all have many outdoor and formal clothes, however, there is an easier way to make it organized. Firstly, you can hang your formal/smart attires (like dresses, formal suit) together, alongside together with different types of shirts, like outdoor attire, sportswear (like polo shirts), and your casual clothing.  

Another way of hanging your different types of shirts is that you can also hang is a different length of sleeves, like from long sleeves to short sleeves, so that you know what you want to wear depending on the weather or you can hang your most frequently used shirt in the middle of the rack and in front of you as this will allow you to get your favorite shirt out easily.

And lastly, you can also hang your scarves or your belt on the hangers too for easy access to your accessories.

STEP 4.  Position your clothes


Denim jeans and jackets are thick. However, they would not crinkle or lose their shape if you stack them. This will help you to save some space in your wardrobe by folding your denim jeans and jackets. You can position your denim jeans and jacket by putting the jacket all the way to the back or the side, followed by your denim jeans.

Why do we put it in that position? The reason for putting the jacket at the back is that you would rarely use your jacket unless the environment is cold. Putting the denim jeans in front of you will allow you to take the jeans with ease.

As for another reason for putting your jacket at the side, together with your jeans is that, if you do not have a big space in your wardrobe, putting beside each other will help you to remember where you put your clothing and it gives you free access to both the jeans and the jacket.

STEP 5.  Roll up your clothes

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This method of rolling up could be used for clothing that is thin and will mostly not easy to wrinkle. Clothing like cotton shirts, leggings, running tops, FBT shorts and jerseys are the perfect candidates to use this rolling up method.

This method helps to save many spaces in your wardrobe rather than folding and stacking them. You can even use the same method to roll up your undergarments, FBT pants and towels. That way, you can save many spaces for your other clothes. Not only that, when you want to go outing with your friends or going to the beach with your loved ones, you can just take it and go, saving a lot of space for your valuables, portable showering items and many more. Step 5 is inspired by this video.

Maintaining your wardrobe is rewarding

Using these 5 fast and convenient steps in maintaining your wardrobe organized would be very rewarding as you can see how much space is left in your wardrobe to fit in more clothing or to buy more clothing. However, maintaining your wardrobe organized takes a lot of commitment, so do not give up in maintaining your clean and organized wardrobe and you can post it on your social media and share it with your friends on how organized you are. 😊