5 Packing Boxes that make Packing a breeze

Packing stuff could be a mess and tiring. Most people have trouble searching for items after it has been packed neatly. Only to leave a mess after the thorough search has completed. Not only that, when it is time to move, we would want our things to be packed neatly and organized and we do not want to forget which items is under which boxes too. 

Look no further as we have surveyed our drivers and customers and found out that here are some packing boxes that were made to ease our packing and helping us to stay organised as we know where our items are packed in.  



This strong, sturdy box is indispensable. You can quickly mark what is inside the box after you packed it in. It is also simple to lift and carry it with the help of the two holes at the side and it is easy to fold together so that you can reuse it again for the next move.

📦 Box Size = 50cm x 31cm x 40 cm

💸Price = $2.90 per box

🛍Where to buy: Ikea Alexandra @ 317 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159965

URL: https://www.ikea.com/sg/en/p/dundergubbe-moving-box-brown-90477050/

2. PAPPIS Box with Lid

This PAPPIS box made from 100% recycled paper. It is designed to store A4 size papers and letters, however, you can also put in small items like small bowls and clothes too. The lid is part of the box, which allows easy fold up when you want to open the box and pack at the same time.

📦 Box Size = 25cm x 34cm x 26 cm

💸Price =  $1.90 per box.

🛍Where to buy: IKEA Alexandra: 317, Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159965 or Tampines: 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764

URL: https://www.ikea.com/sg/en/p/pappis-box-with-lid-brown-30188656/

3. Archive Document Box

Storage Boxes.jpg

This box is like the PAPPIS box from Ikea however, this box is totally different.

This cardboard archive boxes are easy to use and handle without the use of sealing tape. Unlike the PAPPIS box, this box is bigger in length and width so that you can keep big things like papers and files. Not only that, you can put in plates, big bowls and clothes too. It has a label printed out just for you so that you can specify what is inside this box.

📦 Box Size = 38cm x 30.5cm x 25.5cm

💸Price = $3.20 per box

🛍Where to buy: Carton Box SG @ 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #07-02 (Office) AMK Tech II, Singapore 567760

URL: https://cartonboxsg.com/products/carton-boxes/

4.Kitchen Pack Carton Box with Partition Board

The Kitchen Pack Carton Box is use to carry wine bottles or wine glasses for you. This box is made of hight quality strong double wall board which helps to make fragile items safe when moving and carrying. As mention, it can carry 9 wine bottles or 18 wine glasses or 18 fragile items. This means you can pack in small glass bowls or glass cups together.

📦Box Size = 36cm x 36cm x 44cm

💸Price = $5.89 per box, 50 boxes = $4.90 per box and 100 and above boxes = $4.50 per box

🛍Where to buy: PACKEVERYTHING @ 1 Ubi View FOCUS ONE #01-05, Singapore 408555

URL: https://www.packeverything.com.sg/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=5925&search=partition

5. Standing Wardrobe Hanger Box

Carton Box Supply.jpg

Is packing clothes hard? Wouldn’t you want to just leave it on to the hangers and carrying it around? Look no further as this standing wardrobe hanger box can help you pack your hanging clothes straight from your closet into this wardrobe box!

It has 20 holes to fit your 20 hangers, so that you do not need to trouble yourself in packing your hanging clothes in.

📦Box Size = 55cm x 54cm x 109cm

💸Price = $18 per box

🛍Where to buy: CARTON BOX SUPPLY @ 53 Ubi Ave 1 #01-38, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934

URL: https://www.cartonboxsupply.com/sg/standing-wardrobe-hanger-box/

Making Packing Easier

Make your packing life easier will help you to be more organized and focused on what have you packed into which items. Not only that, it also helps to keep your items safe and packed neatly when you arrived to your new location.

We hope you enjoy this blog, and we will try our very best to continue writing new contents for you. So, save yourself some trouble and hire a professional moving company that can assist you when moving your stuff from one location to another. At TheLorry, we will help you handle your items with extra care and our team of experts are there to assist you with the loading, moving, and unloading your things to you new location. Call us now and we will help moving your items as swiftly and safely to your new location!